Needle-Free Swiss Cell Therapy

Needle-based procedures have long been the most effective way to reverse the visible effects of aging.

A pioneer of European needle-based cell-therapy for more than 30 years, Celergen has revolutionized the industry once again.

What was once only available through a needle now comes in a soft-gel capsule – helping to reverse the effects of aging, from the inside out.



Healthier, More Vibrant Appearance

Diminishes Wrinkles, Scars and Age Spots

Firms and Tightens Damaged Skin

Improves Tone and Density

Hydrates While Increasing Radiance

Trusted ~ Clean ~ Proven

Natural Ingredients

GMO Free

Compatible with Medications

No Side Effects

Gluten Free

Manufactured in an FDA Approved Laboratory

The Power to Turn Back Time

Clinical Results

Celergen is clinically proven by the renowned Skin Testing Institute in Switzerland. The astonishing results experienced by our clinical subjects revealed the following:

Double-blind placebo controlled, 90 day study. Women aged 40-60 years old

90 90% noticed an improvement in their skin's texture
80 80% reported that their skin appeared refreshed and renewed
77 77% of fine wrinkles completely disappeared
  • 164% increase in epidermal thickness

    100 %

  • 88% increase in dermal thickness

    88 %

  • 54% of deep wrinkles completely disappeared

    54 %

Our Story

Healing from Within

Many individuals have traveled to Switzerland on a regular basis to undergo cell therapy injections not legally available in the United States. Adherents have cited numerous positive results, including healthier skin, hair, and nails, improved sleep, increased energy, along reduced joint and arthritic pain.

Years of research eventually led to the development of our non-injectable,  natural cell therapy treatment.

We are pleased to announce the dawn of a new age of enlightenment in regards to how to repair years of skin damage.  Our advanced regenerative therapies capture the powerful elements of cellular therapy, delivering amazing results and address the most visible signs of aging.

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