Repairing Your Skin at the Cellular Level

Reduces Wrinkles

Dramatically firm, tighten and smooth skin’s appearance while significantly reducing the look of lines and wrinkles on the face, under the eyes, hands, neck and décolleté.


Boosts natural collagen synthesis. Strengthens skin and dramatically increases density and elasticity, returning fullness, firmness and tone.


Triggers cell renewal to rejuvenate skin’s natural radiance, hydration and luminosity. Deeply hydrates to reduce redness due to dry skin. Improves softness and suppleness and gives skin an immediate glow.

Improves Skin Tone

Improves skin tone and reduces age spots and discolorations, leaving skin illuminated. Reconstructs damaged skin.

Prevents Aging

Prevents skin aging due to its anti-oxidative properties.

UV Filtering

Enforces UV filtering capacity (260 – 280nm). Precisely the wavelengths that destroy DNA in human cells.

The Power to Turn Back Time

Clinical Results

Celergen’s Regenerating Serum is clinically proven by the renowned Skin Testing Institute in Switzerland. The astonishing results experienced by our clinical subjects revealed the following:

Double-blind placebo controlled, 90 day study. Women aged 40-60 years old

90 90% noticed an improvement in their skin's texture
80 80% reported that their skin appeared refreshed and renewed
77 77% of fine wrinkles completely disappeared
  • 164% increase in epidermal thickness

    100 %

  • 88% increase in dermal thickness

    88 %

  • 54% of deep wrinkles completely disappeared

    54 %

Intercept Skin Aging Where it Begins


Harnessing the Power of the Sea

  • BIO DNA Cellular Marine Complex
  • BotaniCells
  • Cellagene
  • Peptide E Collagen
  • OXYIS Cellular Process

The BIO DNA CELLULAR MARINE COMPLEX is a natural macromolecule from the sea that is extracted using proprietary biological DNA extraction technology which prevents the depolymerization of the active ingredients, ensuring the effectiveness of this powerful serum.

This proprietary formula activates skin cell repair and delays the signs of aging. This breakthrough marine complex greatly promotes the ability of skin cells to repair and enhances the skin’s natural defense system. The anti-oxidant properties of the BIO DNA Cellular Marine Complex nourishes and enriches our complexion, keeping it illuminated, hydrated and glowing. Your skin will thank you.

Aimed specifically for boosting our cell metabolism and skin regeneration, BotaniCells are derived exclusively from botanical plant placentas and the extracts work against oxidative stress and provide essential nutrients for cell growth and development.

Cellagene is a combination of diverse botanical and herbal active extracts, which are renowned as some of the world’s most effective natural healing substances. Cellagene also stimulates the key mechanisms of the healing process within the skin to help continuously repair wrinkles and promote tissue firmness.

This highly concentrated serum contains the exclusive Peptide E Collagen which offers the secret of cellular longevity for the most demanding skin. Day after day, your skin regains its strength and the shape of your face is gradually redefined, while wrinkles and fine lines disappear.

Peptide E Collagen effectively delivers collagen and elastin producing peptides directly to damaged cells for maximum efficacy. Combined with Celergen’s signature BIO DNA complex, this efficacious serum provides total skin rejuvenation to increase skin hydration and luminosity, in addition to combating fine lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections in a matter of days.

An important binding ingredient in the OXYIS Cellular Process is OxyCell. This is a critical proprietary ingredient embedded in the serum which is designed as a carrier and transport mechanism by imparting essential nutrients to the cells in our skin.

By increasing the oxygen supply to our cells during the OXYIS Cellular process, OxyCell allows our cell epidermis to absorb optimum oxygen essential for the metabolic process, calming chronic silent inflammation.

OxyCell curbs the prime causes of premature aging by delivering a dose of energizing nutrients, transforming our skin into a more youthful and rejuvenated state. This fast penetrating formula, synergistically diffuses damaging agents such as free radicals, resulting in a rapid surge of hydration in our skin.

Our Story

The BIO DNA Difference

Many individuals have traveled to Switzerland on a regular basis to undergo cell therapy injections not legally available in the United States. Adherents have cited numerous positive results, including improved skin condition and muscle tone, an enhanced libido and improvement with numerous conditions, including arthritis and joint pain. Years of research eventually led to the development of our Celergen Cell Therapy (soft gels/non-injectable) Treatment.

Inspired by the sea’s healing capabilities and the success of our cell therapy treatment, Celergen’s BIO DNA Cellular Regeneration Serum effectiveness stems from these innovative advancements in the field of marine cell therapy.

Celergen researchers and scientists set their sights on these species living in pollution-free, deep ocean waters using Swiss Cold-Process DNA Extraction Technology to gather the proteins essential to this regenerative serum.

We are pleased to announce the dawn of a new age of enlightenment for our skin. This advanced anti-aging serum captures the elements of cellular therapy, delivering amazing results and addresses the most visible signs of aging.

The combination of the regenerative serum and our cell therapy treatment provide the ultimate in whole body cell repair.

How To

A Few Simple Steps to Gorgeous Skin


Apply to cleansed face in the morning and evening immediately (within 2 minutes) after showering or washing and drying your face (when pores are still open).


Place the end of the pump on or close to your finger. Pump a pearl-sized amount onto finger.  Do not pump from a distance or into palm.


Gently massage into the skin. Can be applied to face, neck, back of hands and décolletage.


Let serum dry naturally for 5 minutes prior to applying makeup or sunscreen.

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